Various studies carried out has revealed that it requires between 8,000 to 10,000 hours intense training before one can become an “EXPERT”. Undoubtedly SMP industry receives a significant boost in the year 2002 because that was when Mike (Machisimo Founder) did an SMP treatment live, right in the front of a huge crowd running into millions. After that event, “copy cat” SMP treatment centers and practitioners has been springing up just like wired fire. Well, these developments shouldn’t be seen as a surprising thing a large number of this newbie just manages to obtain basic training from the internet, while some other have just a few times of genuine “practical” courses.  In fact, a scandalous as we may want to look at it, many of these sub-standard providers are carrying out procedure not at the comfort or privacy, & clean environment of a designated medical office as it supposes to be but rather in hotel room giving a new whole meaning to that popular phrase (“fly by night”).

Considering the potential risks involved, during the process of choosing the SMP provider you want to work on you, in order to play safe, is important to ensure that you choosing STP provider that the one you go for possess all the qualities of an expert and advanced training and right pieces of equipment.

Because of the unfortunate shady activities of a lot of other SMP providers out there, Machisimo also added SMP Correction to his work, whereby correcting the errors made by other unprofessional petitioners.  The name of the SMP correction project is Machisimo REPAIR.

You would have prevented yourself from going through time wasting, unnecessary spending, and pains if you had gone to an expert at first. But that is aside now, moreover, there is no need crying over spilled milk, what you should go for right now is Mike Repair, that why we are here to handle such situations.

SMP that was done the correct way always appears fantastic and can easily be differentiated from a fully shaved head. On the other hand, SMP that was done wrongly could be very obvious, until this present day we are to encounter anybody (besides us) that has the technical know how to fix such errors.