All About Hair Loss And Ways To Control It

Beautiful hairs play a significant role in your personality. Having shiny and thick hair is a common desire in almost every person around the world. However, when you start losing hair, it can be a terrible feeling.

Not only does hair loss harm your confidence, but it can also make you feel inferior to those around you. Some types of hair loss are controllable while others are beyond control. Unlike anybody injuries that can be recovered, hair loss is often irrecoverable.

The problem gets even worse with current lifestyles. Working for late hours and getting less sleep is not helping the cause of having healthy hair at all. Taking improper diet is another problem that plays a vital role in increasing hair loss. However, no matter how much hair you lose each day, there is always a way out. Here is a list of common reasons for hair loss followed by some practical ways on how to protect your precious hair from falling:

Types of Hair Loss

There can be many reasons as to why you start losing hair all of a sudden. It could either be genetic, due to weak health, illness, or it could be an inheritance issue. If so, you are likely to suffer hair loss despite treatments. Sometimes, you inherit a gene from one or both parents. At some stage in life, you’ll start losing hair, often without any visible signs of illness, disease, etc. This type is also known as a permanent hair loss and often consumes most of your hair in the process. By the time you realize, it’s all too late. Either way, there are too many reasons that may cause you to lose hair. Some commonly occuring types of hair loss are as follows:

  • Stress
  • Over consumption of Vitamin A
  • Pregnancy
  • Pattern baldness among males
  • Protein deficiency
  • Heredity
  • Lupus


    Physical stress is a common reason for hair loss. If you’ve suffered an accident, surgery, trauma or feel severely ill, you might start losing hair. In medical terms, this type of hair fall is known as Telogen Effluvium. Human hair has a program life cycle that contains three stages; the growth, rest, and shedding. However, upon suffering a stressful situation, your hair go through a shock that disturbs their natural life cycle. This forces more hair to skip the growth and rest phase and take them directly to the shedding phase.  However, this type of hair loss is often temporary in nature. This means that your lost hair may be recovered by themselves.

    Consuming Too Much Vitamin A

    If you’ve been consuming too much Vitamin A, which many food supplements have in abundance, you are increasing your chances of hair fall. Research has proven that over consumption of Vitamin A can trigger and even speed up hair fall. As per the latest research by American Academy of Dermatology, you must not exceed the daily use of Vitamin A which is 5000 international units (IU) for adults and 2000 IU for kids. However, the right bit is that you the moment you stop consuming overdoses of Vitamin A, your lost hair will grow back.


    At its core, pregnancy can be termed as another form of severe physical stress over the body. As a woman goes through different stages of pregnancy, her hair might start to fall. However, much like any physical stress, hair loss due to pregnancy often recovers once your body starts to consume healthy food.

    Protein Deficiency

    The AAD further states that if you are not consuming enough protein, your body may begin to ration the available protein. With bound protein available, it will lead the body reducing or even stop providing protein for accessing to hair and some other organs. With no protein available, you’ll start losing hair. Usually, you don’t consume enough protein for three months, this process of hair loss will automatically trigger. To avoid this, keep consuming your daily quantity of protein. Sources like an egg, fish, red meat and will provide your sufficient body protein to regrow lost hair in due time.

    Pattern Baldness Among Males

    Compared to women, pattern baldness is more common among males. So much so that about two out of three men lose hair before reaching 60. Pattern baldness occurs due to a combo of genes that combine with male sex hormones to initiate the process of losing hair. It is known as pattern baldness as it follows a pattern where the hair starts to fall in a sequence. Though the design may vary, it is always there.

    There is little doubt that retrieving hair from pattern loss is quite severe. In fact, in most cases, you end up losing hair permanently without having to recover them. In this field, and some patients have shown promising results. Using Minoxidil and oral medications such as Propecia have shown great results in many patients.


    This is the female version of pattern hair loss, also known as Androgenic Alopecia. Though it has shown similar characteristics to male pattern hair loss, it is still not as common among females. Since it is genetic, women coming from a family where female baldness was common may suffer from it at some stage in life, especially once they cross 50. Keep in mind that women pattern baldness may differ from that of men in some ways. For instance, their thinning instead complete hair fall is more common amongwomen.If you are suffering from Androgenic Alopecia, you can use minoxidil to regrow lost hair.  However, some women have a scalp sensitivity issue and using minoxidil is not advisable unless specified by your dermatologist. You will need to fix your skin before any treatment, of Microneedling service will help your skin get the right look.


    Sometimes, irregularities in the immune system can also cause hair loss. This condition is commonly known as Lupus. Research has it that Lupus is an interesting case that is relatively rare. In this disease, your cells will start attacking your hair. The problem is that Lupus will likely leave your hairless for the rest of your life. The cells grow a tendency of attacking hair each time they find them. The left over hair will do the job of covering bald patches over your head. Hair restoration is an effective solution to this problem.

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