Scalp micropigmentation along with FUE or FUT surgery is something not less than a winning combination that will help you take over the scalp problem with ease.

Why a combination procedure?
Scalp Micropigmentation is not the answer for every problem. With SMP achieving real hair is no more than a dream because the donor’s hair itself are not that great and this is exactly where the double combinations of these two can have their say.

Two options
If you are amongst the one who already have lost quite an ample amount of hair on the head, then using hair transplant procedure on the SMP treated scalp will provide the extra texture to the hair. It means that SMP will leave the illusion while transplant will give the real feel to it.
For those who have much hair on their head, then can make use of SMP as a filter. It serves best to those people who were not satisfied with the result of initial hair transplant
Do we recommend this approach?
Hair Transplant surgery has its own merits and benefits as it leaves the feel of real hair on the scalp. By combining these two processes, you will experience the best that comes from both of the word. An illusion of thickness along with the feel of real hair and texture; what more would you want after this?
In most of the case, the hair transplant procedure would be the first thing after which SMP would follow but that isn’t necessary as both of the procedure can be carried out retrospectively.