Things To Know About Repairing A Bad Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

There is little doubt that no hair process is free from side effects. The same goes for hair transplants and scalp micropigmentation but you should know the reasons. Since scalp aesthetics have gone mainstream and a traditional method of cosmetics, people are increasingly willing to have the procedure without knowing their side effects. The good news is that repairing a bad scalp micropigmentation procedure is not difficult and can be done easily.
When you take the system in haste and without inquiring, you’ll get a bunch of poorly trained professionals and tattooists pretending to be hair experts. The fact is that any hair restoration procedure or a bad scalp micropigmentation procedure requires a lot of care and caution. Here is more on how to save yourself from a bad hair redo process:
Reasons For Process Gone Bad
The first reason why a hair redo process goes bad is new technicians and hair experts. Most of them don’t know how to complete a hair repair process. Even if they somehow end a process, they have little idea on how to provide the post process care.
Due to the immense popularity of scalp micropigmentation process, some cosmetic companies try to provide a cheaper method of SMP process. Instead of providing the complete procedure, they follow the tattooing and makeup technique. They buy a tattooing pigment and ink and implement of the affected part of the scalp. This method doesn’t work because color pigments are made of dry colors like blue, purple and green. Initially, the color may look fresh and dark, but a few weeks later, it will change and become lighter. You can imagine how a person with such pigments pigmented will look.
The size of pigment dot is another concern. When the hair expert plants the ink too deeply, the result will be that your head will have large dots all over. Unfortunately, too many people look for competitive pigmentation process to save a little money and end up having polka dot like heads as a result.
The best way to keep your head and pocket protected from these experts are to visit a recognized hair expert who knows how to repair a bad scalp micropigmentation procedure.