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What is the meaning Scalp Micropigmentation?

The above question has been asked by some people over again, well Scalp  Micropigmentation (also refers to as medical hairlines tattoo)has now be seen as the best alternative to non-surgical operation in male & female grooming of scape; an unbelievable life-changing procedure whereby natural pigments are being applied during the epidermal degree of scalp to reproduce the original appearance of the real hair follicles, we may also say strands, these all depends on the level of hair loss condition, & desired looks. Our system is undoubtedly the best procedure when compared to what the others are offering globally; we don’t compromise, working with only original pigments & application methods. It’s  good to know that Our practitioners are not just ordinary people, they have completely qualified up to Diploma standard for everlasting cosmetics & micro pigmentation procedures & acknowledge that truly your follicles won’t always experience growth naturally by the same way, that the reason why our group of expert will reproduce natural eddies & idiosyncrasies of that hair in your head. In addition, they recognize that indeed not all hair follicles are of the same regarding shade, our group of experts consistently use three to four shades of pigment to produce the most natural finish, offering a younger & more astonishing hairline.

The amazing thing about Scalp Micropigmentation am happy about is that no matter the hair loss conditions, ages and skin types these procedures will work.

Finding has shown that human head consists of an average two thousand hairs for each square inch. Whenever thinning happens, it could become a challenging period, emotional letdown that usually accompanies balding & looking older that once which normally happens to both men & women may affect self-confidence & mood also. But the good news is that Scalp Micropigmentation has the power to restore a head that appears completely bald to a complete head appearing as with a better groomed hair.

Understand the follicle or strand creation of Scalp Micropigmentation usually goes through over three sessions, with each lasting approximately three to four hours & minimum seven days, between sessions.  Glad to know that the procedure allows for an extremely gradual & delicate rejuvenation or infill of the particular hairline, which is almost impossible to notice by even your friend & family.

During treatment process, a cartridge made up 3 needles that work well in Symphony will gently inject the natural pigment directly into the second dermal human skin. Scalp primary interest is using modern technology deliver services.
Pigment spacing depends upon replicating the rest of the natural human hair follicles. Our team of practitioners has been able to unrivaled experience & reputation & won’t relent until they attain perfection. READ MORE

A Solution towards your Brighter and Better Skin

Microneedling which is also known by the name Skin Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) or more complicatedly Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) entails the process of using devices that have fine needles to carry out the skin rejuvenation procedure. These needles are combined in order for them to be used to puncture the skin which results in the creation of controlled skin injury. Every puncture that is created as a result of the injection of needles on the skin triggers a channel within the body to produce new elastin and collagen that would be later filled in those punctures to fill up the gap. By undergoing through the process of necollagenesis and neovascularization, a person is able to feel an improved skin texture as well as a tight firmness. The patient will also feel a reduction in the stretch marks, pore size, scars and stretch.


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Micro Pigmentation Stylist has treated more than 20,000 clients and have fully customized our process from start to finish to deliver the ultimate scalp micro pigmentation service.

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I highly recommend Machismo Wellness Center! Their micro needling treatment is revolutionary and highly effective! I am very happy with their incredible results, and their service is top notch
Rachel Hageman
I love what he did to my scalp!
Dr. Mike was kind and helpful and made the entire process stress free.
Best of all the price was far lower compared to the clinics.

Truly recommend.

Tanya Feldberg